Give your customers more without adding overhead

Find out why the most successful businesses trust True to manage their omnichannel tech services.

Why sell tech services?

Better customer experience

Be the one-stop-shop your customers want. By selling services, you position your business as the authority in the tech space.

Increase Basket Size

Go beyond warranties – start increasing basket size with useful services like 24/7 tech support, data recovery, and more.

Decrease Returns

New technology can be complex, and customers don't always know where to turn. By providing 24/7 tech support, your merchandise stays sold.

Benefits of selling tech services

Selling tech services has never been easier, faster, and cheaper. It doesn't take millions to get up and running.

Turnkey solution

Our tech services are totally productized and self-contained. Setup takes weeks, not months.

Just add SKUs and starting selling!

Safe and secure

Cutting-edge technology keeps you and your customers safe. True uses transparent diagnosis and repair practices.

We're so confident in our people and processes that you're legally indemnified.

Private label options

While True is gaining incredible traction, every step of the process is ready to be private labeled.

Promote your existing brand or start a whole new business. We'll handle the rest.

Worry-free entitlement tracking

Our robust proprietary platform is ready to track entitlements from day one. We manage customer data and make it all available to you.

Our simple and intuitive online experience leaves your customers feeling confident and in-control.

Seamless integration with 100s of enterprise systems

We custom tailer our software to work perfectly with yours. Our expert developers can take care of everything to free up your team.

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Join the most successful retailers & resellers

Selling tech services online and in-store helps improve customer satisfaction, reduce return rates, increase profitability, establish incremental revenue, and increase customer loyalty.

Simple to set up, simple to sell

Every service is productized, so all you need to do is start adding SKUs. We can even handle selling guides and promotional materials for a totally hands-off experience.

No IT needed

We know how hard it can be upgrading and modifying current systems. That's why our easy-to-use systems don't need support from your IT team.

We handle 100% of fulfillment and delivery

Most companies who use True opt to use our service fulfillment and delivery methods because they're so easy and effective.

Take it for a test-drive

Take a look at how other companies are using True and see how you can start earning more.

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